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With the Crossrunner, products are deposited on the pallet layer by layer. Because, just like with the Highrunners, it's the pallet that moves up and down, the rows no longer need to be moved up and down while being deposited. That saves, especially with pallets that need to be stacked 1.8 metres or higher. That makes the Crossrunner a palletiser that can operate at very high speeds.

To allow full pallets to be able to pass underneath, the Crossrunner is a lot higher. While a Highrunner reaches to a height of 3 metres, a structure with Crossrunners can easily require a height of 6 metres.

The Crossrunner is modularly constructed. This means that several options are available for each module depending on the customer requirements and the products requiring palletisation.

In short, you will end up with the system that best suits your needs. However, this system can be completely adapted to changing circumstances in the future thanks to the interchangeability of its modules.

Specificationsmin. max.
infeed 800 mm 6.000 mm
product (LxBxH in mm) 150 x 100 x 100 600 x 400 x 400
capacity (products/hour) 500 3.500
capacity (layers product/hour)  240 450
product weight 1 kg 25 kg

Advantages of the Crossrunner

  • Unique method of pattern formation, where products are positioned on exact coordinates (patented)
  • Set up multiple machines in areas with limited space through patented system design.
  • Required floor area only 2.5 x 2.5 metres
  • Pallet lifter for moving pallets up and down
  • Built-in buffer for depositing products in layers
  • User-friendly touchscreen operation
  • Freely programmable stacking patterns
  • Solid construction with perfect finishing for tough jobs
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Not more than 2.4 x 3.4 metres of space needed on the platform
  • Standard machine with commercially available components

this product is protected by one or more patents. For information visit